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If you're like most Americans, you're concerned about retirement.

To help ensure you have a strategy in place to address those concerns, you may find it helpful to work with a company that specializes in Guarantee-Based retirement planning. If you’re at that point in life where you can no longer afford the possibility of losing money in your IRA, 401(K), ROTH, or other savings plan we offer the solution America’s retirees are turning to in greater numbers every day. Isn’t it time that you took a look, too?

Are You Tired of Losing Money Every Time the Stock Market Has a Bad Day?

Regaining the loses you experience during your accumulation phase of retirement is usually relatively easy. But when near or in the distribution phase of retirement, it’s a totally different story. If you’re making withdrawals from a lower balance (which means you have to sell more shares to get the previous amount of income), you are fighting an almost unwinable battle. It’s difficult to replace gains on a lower account value, even if the market rises faster than it fell. Which is rarely the case. The market can go down very quickly, but it usually comes back slowly. Sometimes very slowly. Sometimes even many, many years.

Retirement Planning in Columbia SC


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In the meantime, you’re stressed out and worried if you’re either going to be able to get by on lower withdrawals, or risk the possibility of running out of money early in your retirement. Why take that chance when you can prevent losses in the first place? With our FIA, when the market declines you start making gains at the same account value point as when the market “corrected” or crashed? With the Annual-Reset provision of our FIA’s you always continue to make gains right where you left off. You can continue to take the same withdrawals without worry, stress, and anxiety.


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If you’ve watched the previous three videos, by now you’re wondering how can the company afford to offer this! It’s actually pretty simple and easy to understand. Watch the next video!


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Ready to Find Out Which Plan and Options Might Work Best for You?

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