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Who to Buy From

Have you asked yourself, "who can I trust when it comes to buying Gold or Silver"?

How do I know whether I can trust you?


Those are usually the two most often asked questions I’m getting as the stock market and the economy does something wild about once per week, now.

Should I just go on-line and look for a “nice website”?

In my opinion that’s the greatest mistake a retiree could make!
(And you probably already knew that).

How about a company that a “celebrity” has endorsed?

Hollywood and broadcast icons are smart, honest people aren’t they?

Can I just buy a “certificate” in my 401(K), IRA or ETF?

In my opinion, that’s the 2nd greatest mistake a retiree could make!


Why? Because if you going to buy paper that says you own a precious metal, why not just keep the paper (dollar) in the first place?

You really want a physical, tangible product you can hold in you own two hands!

In several surveys, here is what conservative, safe-money type investors want most:

  • Both a Company and an Advisor who are Fiduciaries

  • A national Company that is Licensed and Bonded

  • A Gold /Silver Wholesaler who works only through licensed financial advisors

  • A company that has no fees for liquidations or Required Minimum Distributions (IRA accounts)

  • The investment model is tailored to protect your privacy and purchasing power

CLICK HERE to Email or call  for details about the specific Gold & Silver options for both Qualified (IRA) and Non-Qualified (regular savings accounts).

No fee for shipping or selling (cashing out) any time you decide.

Physical Gold & Silver
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